Benefits Of Almond Consumption

Benefits Of Almond Consumption

A research program chaired by Wendy Hall, of Kings College in London, yielded surprising information that nobody had even thought of. The study proposed that consuming almond seeds and almond-based snacks significantly reduced the probability of developing heart diseases. Their research shows that almonds get rid of cholesterol, apart from the fact that the seeds improved the overall functionality of the cell-lining found on the inner side of veins and arteries.

The findings were documented in a

The findings were documented in a journal referred to as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and it suggested that the public should consider changing its choice of snacks to those that are almond-rich. It also said that the seeds were beneficial to all people irrespective of how close they were to developing heart complications.

Benefits Of Almond Consumption

This study involved many test subjects that were divided into two groups. The first group was instructed to eat almond-based snacks for six weeks, while the other group was used as a control experiment. They were told to eat regular snacks for the same period as the first group. At the end of the six weeks, the research showed that the first group had healthy hearts, and that the cells on the inner lining of their blood vessels were had improved functionality. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about the second team that consumed regular snacks.

Before embarking on this research, this team had done a similar experiment that tested for the benefits of consuming almonds on the whole human body. The findings were still positive because they showed that consumption of almonds helped people to manage the circumference of their waists and their Basal Metabolic Index(BMI). These findings were put down in the European Journal of Nutrition and made available to the public domain. This investigation involved monitoring the eating lifestyles of 6800 adult participants in the UK, and it was found that participants who had almonds several times were in good shape.

A new study tied to the two mentioned above shows that almonds were particularly crucial during this global flu disaster. This is because the virus was fatal to patients suffering from heart and respiratory complications. Eating the seeds meant that the patients’ cholesterol levels would drop and that they’d stand a better chance of surviving the infection. This is the reason the seeds are currently being incorporated into the diet of such patients. Awareness programs should be created to inform everyone, including those in remote areas that cannot access information on the internet.