Why Healthy Food Costly And Junk Food Cheap

Why Healthy Food Costly And Junk Food Cheap

For anyone who would want to have a successful life in terms of health, then a healthy diet is definitely one of your top priorities. Other ways this can be achieved is by exercising regularly, ensuring that you get adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water, feeding your mind with positive material, and avoiding things that cause you to be stressed. Unhealthy foods, especially fast foods, are often found to be more expensive than healthy choices.

Even processed foods found in supermarkets are relatively cheaper than fresh produce from the farm. This has often been used as an excuse by many to opt to have junk food instead because realistically, healthy choices cannot be afforded by many. With the way current global economies are set up, it would be difficult for many to switch to buying healthy choices every day.

Unlike in the earlier centuries when

On average, organic food, on average, tends to cost 10%-30% more than non-organic. This is because organic farms tend to be small, having a low yield per hectare, they require more human labor to flourish, and a thorough process to be organically certified. All of this results in higher final product prices. The same case applies to animals that are reared naturally while allowed to feed on healthy substances, allowed to grow naturally without any chemical stimulation. For this to happen, the farmer would require a larger space, which means it would be more expensive to operate, resulting in higher prices of fresh produce.

Unlike in the earlier centuries when food was cheap and accessible since people lived in rural areas where they had the time to farm, we are now producing the same product but at a large, industrial scale. Normal human labor has now been replaced by machines that are due to planting, harvesting, and even weeding unwanted crops. Chemical products are used to boost the growth of these crops instead of allowing them to grow naturally, to meet the high demand in the market. Genetically modified seeds are also planted in place of the normal healthy ones, to grow at a faster rate and quickly be available for the public. Meat and dairy farms have also caged their livestock, feeding them with antibiotics and hormonal boosters to maximize output.

Why Healthy Food Costly And Junk Food Cheap

The output level was maximized, translating to lower prices, but this came with its fair share of demerits. The injection of these products into the food chain caused food to become less nutritious, and an increase in cases of people affected with cancer was witnessed. The change came along with companies embracing the idea of processing food. Food cooperation thought it would be easier, saving people the time required to prepare food by doing it themselves. Manufacturing everything from sugary drinks to pizzas and chips. These foods have numerous minerals ground to them, are high in calories ensuring nobody goes hungry after eating them.

They are easy to store and transport, making them a convenient fix. These foods, however, are loaded with plenty of salt, carbs, sugars and fats, which all result in a rise in obesity and heart-related conditions. Relying on processed foods makes it easy to neglect healthy foods, which have to be handpicked, and selected which are best for the market. Fresh produce rich in a variety of nutrients is more difficult to store and transport since they need to be kept fresh all the way. This process makes the check out price more expensive than the former choice.